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Increase revenue by 30% with Automated Sales Performance Management.

Early warning indicators for new hires and flight risks. Individual and Manager development plans that are based on revenue and commission impact.

Finally answer these questions...

Executive / Investor
Where do the managers need help in improving their team's performance?

What increase in revenue per individual should be expected?

What team-based coaching should we deliver?

How much bias is my manager introducing into the forecast?

What systemic factors are negatively impacting success?
Front-line Manager
Where do the new hires need help? Are they behind target?

How do I identify where to coach each rep? What are the actionable steps I should take?

Who should I coach so that my team’s potential is fully realized?

Who is a “flight risk”?

When do I have enough information to know a rep is not going to improve?
Individual Contributor
What am I doing well / poorly?

How much money am I “leaving on the table” by not improving?

What steps can I take if my manager is unable to coach and spend time with me?

I know I'm weak in an area, who is the best so that I can learn from them?
Real-Time Monitoring of Early Warning Indicators
By "listening" to 24 distinct inputs, individual or team risks are known in advance and while there is time to address.
Push Notifications With Recommended Actions
Quantified and prioritized items are pushed when the issue is a concern. And, each area of concern will have a clear set of recommendations to take to resolve it.
Data-Driven Personal Development Plans
Calculate revenue impact of different coaching area. Prioritize the one with the biggest impact. Provide specific and bite-sized ways to improve performance to both the Front-line Manager and Individual Contributor.
Organizational Insights w/ Recommended Actions
Active and continuous monitoring of 24 areas related to individual and manager performance, forecast confidence using confidence-level simulations, sales intelligence (e.g., which market segments have the best sales velocity), et. al.

Visual indications of areas of concern. Option to dig into the data further with a click to see the specific data and further recommendations. In this example note that the Prospecting Forecast requires action and an example of what would be shown is seen in the next image and description.
Confidence-level Forecasting
Using monte-carlo simulations to provide an accurate and confidence interval-based prospecting forecast, layers of bias are eliminated. In this scenario, there is less than 30% confidence that the prospecting goal for Month 5 and 6 will be reached. In addition to identifying this risk earlier, recommendations to address the issue will be presented.

"In order to hit the Month 5 and 6 goal of 23 opportunities created, investigate which of the following you would like to do: 1) Hire one additional SDR in the next 30 days, 2) Ensure there is a follow-up activity for each lead in a prospecting stage, and 3) Create a team SPIF for completing all of the prospecting tasks each day for the next month."
Which Individuals Should I Spend More Time With?
This is easily determined and shown to the manager (and the individual) in both the potential to increase revenue and commissions. This will help a manager and organization clearly see where the biggest and most immediate impact can be made.

The next question is clearly what is the weakest area in each person's sales process that needs help and what tactical steps should be taken by the individual and manager. Take a look at the next image and description for a representation.
Individual Coaching
By measuring each individual's effectiveness at each stage (duration and conversion rate) we can answer the following critical questions for the rep:

1) How do I compare to my peers?
2) Am I getting better?
3) Where am I getting worse?
4) How much money can I make if I get better?

The question of "what bite-sized actions can I put into motion each week to get better?" is solved for with specific recommendations on what to do. These can be tied into your sales enablement collateral that you have developed.
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