Case Study

50% Increase in Pipeline Generated (Per Person)

Indigo Energy (oil & gas) lacked a customer acquisition strategy and system to manage the sales process. Inside of 4 months, they realized the following benefits after ScaleUpOnDemand (ScaleUp) implemented a new GTM strategy, benchmarked the newly created BDR role, implemented a CRM, and identified a permanent sales leader:

  • $2M+ new ARR
  • 80 new qualified accounts
  • 50% increase in production/quotas
  • Added three BDRs (from zero)

Indigo Energy lacked a formal sales strategy and sales leader. This led to sporadic and ineffective prospecting efforts, little to no sales coaching and very little accountability from each sales team member. Upon realization of this shortcoming, John Mansfield (CEO) saw the need to insert an effective sales process and team leader.

In addition to a non-existent prospecting strategy, Indigo also faced many technological challenges in relation to generating sales and maintaining customer relationships, the main issue being the lack of a formal customer relationship management software system. Thus the vital need for such a system was researched and requested.

“They updated our sales approach in a significant way. I admit, I was hesitant to some of the ideas, but the team walked me through the positive impacts that we would see and turned me into a believer.” - John Mansfield, CEO

In order to solve the problem of a lack of new business, a Go-to-Market strategy, sales stack, and formal marketing collateral was developed, with input from the sales team. The plan called for a change in mindset about how to prospect, an increase in the quality and quantity of prospecting efforts, and the addition of a new role, BDR.

ScaleUp supported Indigo by placing a veteran sales rep as the first BDR, directly within Indigo’s sales team. Becoming an integral part of their team, this veteran became the model for others to strive to regarding prospecting performance, given the proper tools and training. Within two months, weak performers were identified and exited the business.

Daily standups were initiated and managed by ScaleUp. Prospecting successes and failures were discussed regularly and performance was reviewed using data from the newly implemented CRM and sales process. The team’s performance and level of self-accountability increased. For the first time, new pipeline was developed consistently, and at record levels.

Within 4 months, two additional BDRs were hired and the ScaleUp BDR moved into a part-time manager role, focusing on training new hires and existing reps on sales prospecting/messaging and cold-calling strategies.

ScaleUp’s new Go-to-Market strategy and CRM implementation improved efficiency and provided accountability metrics for sales leaders to ensure opportunities move at a rapid and positive pace.

Customer acquisition costs continue to decrease as prospecting goals were set with a veteran BDR, allowing Indigo to maximize production and reduce spend by eventually bringing the role in-house. A ScaleUp BDR manager coached BDRs, finding the ideal BDR:AE ratio in order to optimize their CAC, and eventually trained the full-time internal BDR manager.

“Within seven weeks of starting, our ScaleUp inside sales rep had already exceeded his pipeline generation targets by 49%—impressive, especially given that includes ramp time and time he spent training our own reps on best practices and processes.” - Reza Ghorieshi, CRO
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