Case Study

From 0 to 100 Opportunities Per Month

BoomTown, a software platform for real estate professionals, needed to build an outbound BDR team to hit their revenue targets. As the market leader in their space, they had been built on an inbound strategy, letting outbound competency lag. ScaleUp proved the BDR model to be profitable inside of 45 days, justifying the expansion of the team – first from 0 to 2 BDRs and then to a total of 8 BDRs inside of 9 months. That team is now responsible for 32% of pipeline.

  • SDR team exceeded target goals by 20%
  • A completely new sales channel responsible for 32% of pipeline
  • Created onboarding program to be fully ramped inside of 60 days

Prior to engaging with ScaleUp, BoomTown spent 6 months attempting to build an outbound business development team and had $0 revenue to show for the expense incurred. There wasn’t a high level of confidence they could master it, yet revenue targets required the business development initiative to be a success.

At their rate of growth, lacking the in-house expertise was harming the company’s outlook. Boomtown’s CFO identified ScaleUp as the best partner for the project and put it in the hands of their CMO, Shannon Williams.

BoomTown needed to justify the cost of an outbound program within 6 months. To do so, the training period – typically 4 months – needed to be condensed into 2 weeks. Sources needed to be tested methodically and activity and coaching needed to become part of the team’s DNA. Because outbound selling was fundamentally different than the company’s original sales tactics, the cultural mindset and internal process needed a major shift.

In engaging BoomTown in the benefits of an outbound SDR team, ScaleUp initiated a series of team and 1-on-1 meetings with the inbound SDR team and Account Executive team to answer questions, gather feedback, gain trust and iterate on the process together. It was imperative that the organization cohere around the new sales program.

The onboarding period and time from day 1 to full value was efficient and highly engaged. The team’s speed allowed the CMO to create a business case to grow the team, eventually to 8 SDRs. With each hire, ScaleUp leveraged the onboarding playbook to get every SDR to full capacity within 2 months.

One of the biggest contributors to the success of the program was introducing an LDR role (Lead Development Representative) who was responsible for researching and profiling each lead that an SDR was to call on. This accomplished two things: One, the SDRs were able to max out their call activity, maximizing their production. Two, we were able to test multiple lead sources and identify the best ones to focus LDR and SDR resources on.

New tools such as SalesLoft (sales enablement platform) were implemented to increase effectiveness and efficiency.

“We really love what you’ve done and want to make an offer to each of them [consultants].” - SHANNON WILLIAMS, CMO & RYAN DELCOTTO, VP OF SALES

Over the course of 9 months, BoomTown was able to build an entirely new prospecting channel that generated 32% of their pipeline. They were able to bring in two of ScaleUp’s consultants at the end of the engagement. The SDR Manager moved into a Sales Manager role, responsible for a new business unit.

Continued involvement by ScaleUp on the revenue operations side of the house will ensure they adjust components of their revenue model (including comp plans and quotas) to drive down CAC and hit revenue targets.

In 9 months:

  • 0 to 8 SDRs
  • Consistent month-over-month team productivity increases
  • Individual production increased every month to 18 demos/month
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