Case Study

The Process Alone Was Worth The Money

ThingTech, an IIoT platform that had just completed its Series A funding round, was preparing to build predictability and process for its fledgling outbound sales channel in a young industry. ScaleUp proved that the SDR function would work. The process implemented for onboarding, prospecting and coaching resulted in:

  • 75% of SDRs hitting ramping and fully ramped targets
  • ThingTech hiring an SDR Manager and SDR from ScaleUp

ThingTech was a small team with no dedicated AEs or SDRs. Tim Quinn (CEO) needed to build both of those functions. And the lead investor, BIP Capital, was supportive of the ScaleUp methodology but was naturally cautious of an outside group managing the buildout of the SDR team.

Time was of the essence. ScaleUp had to test multiple market segments and varied messaging strategies, acting quickly to identify the segment and messaging that would best resonate. To get to this point, ScaleUp had to
implement a CRM and feedback loop that would provide accelerated, data-based insights.

“The process alone was worth the investment.” - BIP Capital, The Lead Investor

A unique aspect of this project was how quickly ScaleUp transitioned its own consultants to full-time employment with ThingTech. Five months into the engagement, the SDR Manager became an employee of the client as a hybrid SDR Manager and Account Executive, internally fast-tracked for a Director of Sales role. Two months later, one of ScaleUp’s SDRs was also brought in-house for a full-time position, eventually transitioning to an Account Management role. These hires allowed the client to address other business gaps identified in our engagement.

Due to the role changes, ScaleUp’s onboarding process was quickly tested and was found to be successful and comprehensive – the new SDRs were trained with minimal disruption to the sales process.

New tools such as Vidyard (video outreach program) and SalesLoft (sales enablement platform) were implemented to increase effectiveness and efficiency.

ThingTech was able to fill 3 of 4 critical full-time sales roles through ScaleUp consultants’ transition to in-house employee status.

The strength of the process proved itself during the engagement when the team ran new hires through the training while maintaining a consistent, predictable SDR ramp.

The SDR ramp kept pace with our projections, creating a growing number of opportunities per month:
M1 - 2
M2 - 3
M3 - 5
M4 - 7

“We are going to do this.” - Tim Quinn, CEO (during ScaleUp's preliminary assessment research)
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