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ScaleUp’s SDR Daily Huddle Dashboard

The KPIs we swear by – get insight immediately. 

The glut of Salesforce dashboards and reports can feel overwhelming or overly specialized. And architecting a nimble, intelligent tool takes away valuable time from, well, smarter selling and effective management. ScaleUp’s customized Salesforce SDR Daily Huddle Dashboard is purpose-built for sales teams of six (or fewer) sales development reps – making it ideal for early-stage companies. 

ScaleUp focuses exclusively on B2B sales development, working at the intersection of consultative expertise and collaborative execution. We specialize in working with new companies to identify their audience and validate their big ideas. 

That’s why bringing discipline to sales is so essential: evidence-based, trainable processes can be understood and implemented to solve challenges quickly, before your idea suffocates. And that all starts with developing sales strengths to create intentional, effective outcomes. 

Our SDR Daily Huddle Dashboard helps you do just that. 

What we’ve created is designed to allow both the individual prospector and the fractional manager to quickly understand what actions need to be taken by both the SDR and the SDR Manager to maximize daily performance. Additionally, a series of reports exist for the purpose of periodic business reviews so that CACs can be optimized. Throughout, ScaleUp’s SDR Daily Huddle Dashboard highlights the actionable insights that collectively add up to increased and consistent top of funnel activity.

In the SDR Daily Huddle Dashboard, you’ll find components that work together to drive activity, quality and performance:

Department & Board Reports

Visualize behaviors with weekly and monthly trends for teams and individuals for trailing quarter. Leading indicators allow us to accurately forecast pipeline and revenue by SDR activity – the holy grail.



Educate and incentivize SDRs by showing them how activity translates to value. MTD performance can be compared to monthly goals, illuminating the distance between activity and goals and quickly calculating compensation. On a micro level, a single day’s activities can also be translated into value, too, encouraging SDRs to use units of measure like calls or emails to visualize their pathway to compensation. 

Activity Goals

Consistent drumbeats at the top of the funnel and aggregate efforts always win the war. Use reports to maximize chances to convert a set call while identifying calls that weren’t held or didn’t convert in order to close the loop between SDR to AE handoffs.

Ad Hoc

Use tools to tag calls by objection type so that SDRs and managers can learn and improve; view segmented opportunity and lead velocities by rep, market and source in order to redirect collective efforts (and dollars) toward the right areas; isolate and replicate best behaviors by sorting anomalies and identifying learning curves and motivations.

Interested in ScaleUp’s SDR Daily Huddle Dashboard? Email our team at and we’ll share access and personally walk you through the installation process. No strings. Your feedback helps us improve public-facing documentation on an upcoming, widely available public install.